Edgecase_portfolio stjohn_piano BRIEF SUMMARY This page contains a portfolio of work produced by Edgecase. CONTENTS - Brief Summary - Contents - Business research - Medical research - Software - Software recipes - Software testing reports - Software archaeology - Plaintext renditions of books, documents, and PDF files - Public key identity documents - Contracts BUSINESS RESEARCH article The_structure_of_a_Bitcoin_bank edgecase 130 The structure of a Bitcoin bank article The_Establishment_of_a_Cryptocurrency_Guild edgecase 122 The Establishment of a Cryptocurrency Guild article The_Value_of_Software edgecase 113 The Value of Software MEDICAL RESEARCH article An_Overview_of_Repetitive_Strain_Injury_(RSI) edgecase 55 An Overview of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) article Home_treatments_for_coronavirus edgecase 141 Home treatments for coronavirus SOFTWARE article Notes_on_the_security_of_P2SH_multisignature_addresses edgecase 125 Notes on the security of P2SH multisignature addresses article Building_a_parser_for_EML edgecase 109 Building a parser for EML article A_simple_API:_JSON_Input/Output edgecase 100 A simple API: JSON Input/Output article Using_GPG_1.4.10_statelessly edgecase 97 Using GPG 1.4.10 statelessly article Edgecase_Markup_Language_(EML):_Latin-1 edgecase 92 Edgecase Markup Language (EML): Latin-1 article Generating_entropy_with_dice edgecase 64 Generating entropy with dice article Creating_and_signing_a_standard_raw_Bitcoin_transaction:_Iteration_#2 edgecase 63 Creating and signing a standard raw Bitcoin transaction: Iteration #2 SOFTWARE RECIPES article GPG_1.4.10_Stateless_Operations edgecase 98 GPG 1.4.10 Stateless Operations article Basic_GPG_Commands edgecase 94 Basic GPG Commands article Basic_Vim_commands edgecase 93 Basic Vim commands article Recipe_for_storing_bitcoin_on_paper_using_an_offline_Raspberry_Pi_#2 edgecase 178 Recipe for storing bitcoin on paper using an offline Raspberry Pi #2 article Recipe_for_manually_mounting_a_USB_flash_drive edgecase 78 Recipe for manually mounting a USB flash drive article Recipe_for_managing_the_fee_and_broadcast_of_a_Bitcoin_transaction_#2 edgecase 177 Recipe for managing the fee and broadcast of a Bitcoin transaction #2 article Recipe_for_creating_and_signing_a_nonstandard_Bitcoin_transaction_#2 edgecase 172 Recipe for creating and signing a nonstandard Bitcoin transaction #2 article Recipe_for_creating_and_signing_a_standard_Bitcoin_transaction_#2 edgecase 168 Recipe for creating and signing a standard Bitcoin transaction #2 article Recipe_for_generating_a_Bitcoin_address_#2 edgecase 155 Recipe for generating a Bitcoin address #2 article Recipe_for_generating_entropy_bytes_using_dice_#2 edgecase 151 Recipe for generating entropy bytes using dice #2 SOFTWARE TESTING REPORTS article Verifying_the_first_signed_article_in_Edgecase_Datafeed edgecase 105 Verifying the first signed article in Edgecase Datafeed article Creating_a_Bitcoin_transaction_with_two_inputs edgecase 89 Creating a Bitcoin transaction with two inputs article Testing_GPG_1.4.10 edgecase 88 Testing GPG 1.4.10 article Installing_GPG_1.4.10_on_CentOS_7.6 edgecase 86 Installing GPG 1.4.10 on CentOS 7.6 article Creating_a_Bitcoin_transaction_with_two_outputs edgecase 85 Creating a Bitcoin transaction with two outputs article Verifying_the_first_checkpoint_article_in_Edgecase_Datafeed edgecase 83 Verifying the first checkpoint article in Edgecase Datafeed article Testing_a_list_of_Vim_commands edgecase 82 Testing a list of Vim commands article Storing_bitcoin_on_an_offline_Raspberry_Pi edgecase 75 Storing bitcoin on an offline Raspberry Pi article Using_a_transaction_to_validate_a_Bitcoin_address edgecase 66 Using a transaction to validate a Bitcoin address article Verifying_a_signed_deed_of_the_GPG_1.4.10_source_code edgecase 60 Verifying a signed deed of the GPG 1.4.10 source code article Compiling_bitcoind_(trb_0.5.4)_on_Debian_7.11 edgecase 21 Compiling bitcoind (trb 0.5.4) on Debian 7.11 SOFTWARE ARCHAEOLOGY article Remapping_keys_in_CentOS_7.6 edgecase 99 Remapping keys in CentOS 7.6 article Printable_ASCII edgecase 91 Printable ASCII article The_ASCII_text_encoding edgecase 90 The ASCII text encoding article New_computer:_Shovel edgecase 81 New computer: Shovel article Compiling_GPG_1.4.10_from_source edgecase 61 Compiling GPG 1.4.10 from source article Installing_OpenSSH_on_Cygwin_and_using_it_to_access_a_VPS edgecase 59 Installing OpenSSH on Cygwin and using it to access a VPS article Installing_Cygwin_on_Windows_7 edgecase 58 Installing Cygwin on Windows 7 article Creating_and_signing_a_standard_raw_Bitcoin_transaction edgecase 56 Creating and signing a standard raw Bitcoin transaction article Reading_and_verifying_a_standard_raw_bitcoin_transaction edgecase 51 Reading and verifying a standard raw bitcoin transaction article Offline_installation_of_a_C_compiler_on_Centos_6.9_Minimal_on_Kalkin edgecase 48 Offline installation of a C compiler on Centos 6.9 Minimal on Kalkin article Hardening_the_BIOS_on_Kalkin_against_remote_access edgecase 38 Hardening the BIOS on Kalkin against remote access article Mapping_the_BIOS_on_Kalkin edgecase 37 Mapping the BIOS on Kalkin article Examining_a_boot_problem_on_Kalkin edgecase 33 Examining a boot problem on Kalkin article Listing_available_tools_on_Centos_6.9_Minimal edgecase 30 Listing available tools on Centos 6.9 Minimal article Installing_Centos_6.9_Minimal_on_Kalkin edgecase 28 Installing Centos 6.9 Minimal on Kalkin article Checking_Kalkin's_hardware_details_using_Centos_6.9 edgecase 24 Checking Kalkin's hardware details using Centos 6.9 article Exploring_the_BIOS_boot_options_on_Kalkin edgecase 23 Exploring the BIOS boot options on Kalkin PLAINTEXT RENDITIONS OF BOOKS, DOCUMENTS, AND PDF FILES article The_two_currencies_of_Florence_by_Raymond_de_Roover edgecase 170 The two currencies of Florence by Raymond de Roover [from book] article Programming_as_Theory_Building_by_Peter_Naur edgecase 149 Programming as Theory Building by Peter Naur [from PDF containing a scan] article The_last_thoughts_of_Bindon edgecase 87 The last thoughts of Bindon [from ASCII text] article The_Palace_by_Rudyard_Kipling edgecase 80 The Palace by Rudyard Kipling [from PDF containing a scan] article Uncleftish_Beholding_by_Poul_Anderson edgecase 74 Uncleftish Beholding by Poul Anderson [from book] article The_Factory_Director_in_the_U.S.S.R._by_Raymond_A_Bauer edgecase 68 The Factory Director in the U.S.S.R. by Raymond A Bauer [from book] article The_Library_of_Babel_by_Jorge_Luis_Borges,_translated_by_Norman_Thomas_Di_Giovanni edgecase 44 The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges, translated by Norman Thomas Di Giovanni [from PDF] article John_T._Flynn:_How_the_great_Rothschild_family_of_bankers_got_started edgecase 35 John T. Flynn: How the great Rothschild family of bankers got started [from PDF containing a scan] article Lucius_Annaeus_Seneca:_On_the_Shortness_of_Life edgecase 16 Lucius Annaeus Seneca: On the Shortness of Life [from HTML text] article James_Goldman:_A_Word_About_Castles edgecase 15 James Goldman: A Word About Castles [from PDF containing a scan] article Warren_Buffett_on_pensions edgecase 12 Warren Buffett on pensions [from PDF containing a scan] article Lombard_Street_by_Walter_Bagehot:_Chapter_1 edgecase 8 Lombard Street by Walter Bagehot: Chapter 1 [from PDF containing a scan] article James_Sullivan_on_the_nature_of_banks edgecase 5 James Sullivan on the nature of banks [from PDF containing a scan] PUBLIC KEY IDENTITY DOCUMENTS article Public_Key_Identity_Document:_StJohn_Piano edgecase 101 Public Key Identity Document: StJohn Piano article Public_Key_Identity_Document:_StJohn_Piano_2 edgecase 102 Public Key Identity Document: StJohn Piano 2 CONTRACTS article Contract_0 edgecase 103 Contract 0 - Contract 0 formally allows a public key (stjohn_piano_2) to act as the representative of another (stjohn_piano).