Edgecase_services stjohn_piano Edgecase offers various services based around its secure publication system. These include: 1) Publishing portfolio pieces, especially (but not only) for software developers. Examples: - article Blockchain_Fundamentals edgecase 104 An essay on blockchain fundamentals - article Recipe_for_generating_a_Bitcoin_address_#2 edgecase 155 A recipe for generating a Bitcoin address - article A_State_Machine_Approach_To_Parsing edgecase 139 A paper on a text parsing approach - article GPG_1.4.10_Stateless_Operations edgecase 98 A guide for the stateless use of GPG - article Edgecase_Markup_Language_(EML):_Latin-1 edgecase 92 A markup language extension for Latin-1 - article Compiling_bitcoind_(trb_0.5.4)_on_Debian_7.11 edgecase 21 A compilation report Example of a Portfolio section on your CV: Portfolio Blockchain Fundamentals hyperlink http://edgecase.net/articles/104 edgecase.net/articles/104 Published 2019-04-21 [4 pages] Hello World on a server (DigitalOcean, Nginx, Gunicorn, Python) hyperlink http://edgecase.net/articles/118 edgecase.net/articles/118 Published 2019-09-29 [128 pages] 2) Paywalled access to various digital assets published on Edgecase Datafeed. Examples: - The code assets for a article Edgecase_Bitcoin_Storage_Toolset_version_2 edgecase 148 Bitcoin software toolset 3) Publishing a text or asset that a client wishes to permanently preserve in an unalterable form. Examples: - Contracts - Wills - Software recipes - Core software dependencies - Identity documents The client can encrypt the item if it is important that it be kept secret. 4) The production of plaintext renditions of books, documents, and PDF files. Examples: - article Warren_Buffett_on_pensions edgecase 12 A letter from Warren Buffett on pensions and how to manage them - article Lombard_Street_by_Walter_Bagehot:_Chapter_1 edgecase 8 The first chapter of Lombard Street by Walter Bagehot - article The_two_currencies_of_Florence_by_Raymond_de_Roover edgecase 170 An excerpt that describes the dual currency system used in 15th-century Florence 5) Publishing anything interesting, useful, or entertaining. Examples: - Essays - Historical accounts - Science fiction - Project reports - Poems - Software archaeology reports - Chat transcripts - Book excerpts 6) Consultation: A client may have further questions after reading an article. 7) Commission: A client may wish to commission a project and have the result delivered as an article. If you are interested in any of these services, please hyperlink /pages/how_to_create_an_edgecase_account create an Edgecase account . Please see the following page for examples of work produced by Edgecase: hyperlink /pages/edgecase_portfolio Edgecase portfolio For a text to be accepted for publication, Edgecase must believe that it is worth preserving. There should be a reasonable chance that the text will be worth re-reading in a few years' time.