How_to_subscribe_to_Edgecase_Datafeed stjohn_piano Edgecase Subscription System Edgecase operates a subscription system in order to charge for access to particular articles and digital assets published on Edgecase Datafeed. The subscription period is 1 year. The subscription fee is currently $12,000 / year, payable only via Bitcoin. The fee is negotiable. If you cannot afford it, please see the following page: hyperlink /pages/subscription_fee_alternatives Subscription fee alternatives To find out how to buy bitcoin, please go to the following page: hyperlink /pages/how_to_buy_bitcoin How to buy bitcoin Subscriptions must be renewed manually. Edgecase will send you a reminder email 1 month before your subscription renewal date. Subscribing to Edgecase Datafeed In order to pay the fee or negotiate a fee alternative, you must first create an Edgecase account. Please go to the following page: hyperlink /pages/how_to_create_an_edgecase_account How to create an Edgecase account After you have created an account, Edgecase will contact you to discuss a subscription to Edgecase Datafeed and the method of payment. Accessing Edgecase Datafeed When your subscription has been paid, Edgecase will send you an email containing a link to a download page for a cookie. This cookie will contain a unique reference number. As long as you have the cookie present on your computer, you can access the paywalled section of Edgecase Datafeed. You may download this cookie on to as many computers as you wish. If you delete or lose the cookie on any particular computer, visit the cookie link to download it again. Please note that each browser stores cookies separately, so if you wish to access paywalled items from two different browsers on the same computer, you will have to use each of them to browse to the cookie link and download the cookie. The number of IP addresses that can be linked to an account is limited. Currently this number is 5. Your first visit to a cookie link should be performed from your primary IP address. If you have linked 5 IP addresses to your account, and no longer have access to any of them, send an email to Edgecase to request that your IP address list be reset to empty. Further Information All paywalled articles and assets can be downloaded for your own use and can be copied or sent to other people as many times as you wish. Edgecase is uninterested in copy protection/prevention schemes of any kind. Edgecase is however extremely interested in proving original authorship and data integrity. Edgecase may choose to prosecute any information service in any jurisdiction that republishes any content downloaded from Edgecase Datafeed without providing clear acknowledgement of the original source (Edgecase Datafeed) and instructions on how to verify the authorship and integrity of the data. These conditions can satisfied by, for example, including a footnote containing the author name, the datafeed name, the datafeed article ID, a link to the original article and a link to this page: hyperlink /pages/how_to_verify_an_article.txt How to verify an article Edgecase acknowledges that much of the content published on Edgecase Datafeed is not in fact original but notes that in most of these cases the original author a) is dead, b) has not digitally signed their work, c) has not timestamped their work in the Bitcoin blockchain, or d) has not made their digitally-signed, Bitcoin-blockchain-timestamped work available on a datafeed. Edgecase defines a datafeed to be an information service that provides access to digitally-signed, Bitcoin-blockchain-timestamped work along with instructions on how to verify the signatures and timestamps. Edgecase further notes that in all of these cases Edgecase Datafeed provides clear acknowledgement of the original source and, if possible, a hyperlink to it. Sad experience has shown that information on the internet is liable to disappear or be altered without warning, so please note that these hyperlinks may over time become invalid or lead to different content.