Other_services stjohn_piano Contents - Cryptocurrency exchanges - Block explorers - Fee estimation services - Transaction decoders - Transaction broadcasters - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services Cryptocurrency exchanges These allow you to buy / sell / send / receive bitcoin. hyperlink https://solidi.co/register1?referrer=DEKQXU Solidi (solidi.co) Block explorers These allow you to look up information about the Bitcoin blockchain. Examples: - The balance in a Bitcoin address. - The transactions related to an address. - The unspent outputs stored in an address. - The status of a transaction (broadcast, mined, number of confirmations). BlockCypher: hyperlink http://live.blockcypher.com live.blockcypher.com Blockchain.com: hyperlink http://www.blockchain.com/explorer www.blockchain.com/explorer For looking up the details of unspent outputs (UTXOs) in a Bitcoin address, you can use this recipe: article Recipe_for_looking_up_the_unspent_outputs_in_a_Bitcoin_address_#2 edgecase 176 Recipe for looking up the unspent outputs in a Bitcoin address #2 The linked recipe relies on a particular feature of a specific block explorer (Blockchain.com). If that feature is discontinued at some point in the future, you can use the previous version of that recipe, which requires more manual work, but can be used with any block explorer. Link: article Recipe_for_looking_up_the_unspent_outputs_in_a_Bitcoin_address edgecase 175 Recipe for looking up the unspent outputs in a Bitcoin address To look up the status of a transaction, you can search for its txid using a block explorer's search field. - If the transaction has been received by the service but has not yet been mined, it will be displayed with a message similar to "Confirmations: 0/6". - If the service has not seen the transaction, you will get a search result similar to this: "No transaction found with the hash bf7a16ef4bf8763b7bf7f02b03155c9a2f9b997d19e64a770bf3f7d3f24cc480" - You can refresh the page to re-check a transaction's status. For looking up the raw hex form of a transaction: - BlockCypher: On a transaction page e.g. you can click Advanced Details / API Call, which produces a raw text dump of the transaction. - Blockchain.com: http://blockchain.info/tx/[txid]?format=hex Example: hyperlink http://blockchain.info/tx/db2c3d84708cd9d0e40ae1754021f9146a0d6ab555fc0e1d547d7876c0c092f4?format=hex blockchain.info/tx/db2c3d84708cd9d0e40ae1754021f9146a0d6ab555fc0e1d547d7876c0c092f4?format=hex Fee estimation services These estimate how long you will wait for a transaction to be mined, depending on its fee rate in satoshi / byte. Earn.com: hyperlink http://bitcoinfees.earn.com bitcoinfees.earn.com Transaction decoders If the service can successfully decode a transaction, this indicates that the transaction is formatted correctly. BlockCypher: hyperlink http://live.blockcypher.com/btc/decodetx live.blockcypher.com/btc/decodetx Transaction broadcasters These allow you to broadcast a signed transaction to the Bitcoin network. BlockCypher: hyperlink http://live.blockcypher.com/btc/pushtx live.blockcypher.com/btc/pushtx Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services These can be used to extract plaintext from PDF scans. OCRSpace: hyperlink http://ocr.space ocr.space OCRConvert.com: hyperlink http://www.ocrconvert.com www.ocrconvert.com