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Author: StJohn Piano
Published: 2020-10-07
Datafeed Article 183
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Edgecase Passport
StJohn Piano

- Edgecase asserts that this person ("StJohn Piano") holds the listed identities.
- The integrity and signature of this passport is secured by blockchain technology.
- A link to this passport can be added to any user account. It can be presented to a support team during an account recovery procedure. Example: The team can request that another listed identity send them a one-time password.

Passport information:
- Edgecase name: StJohn Piano
- Edgecase username: stjohn_piano
- Passport number: 1
- First name: StJohn
- Middle name(s): William Charles
- Last name: Piano
- Date of issue: 2020-10-07
- Date of expiry: 2021-10-07

- Name: StJohn Piano
- Username: stjohnpiano
- Link: www.linkedin.com/in/stjohnpiano

- Name: StJohn Piano
- Username: sj-piano
- Link: github.com/sj-piano

- Name: StJohn Piano
- Username: StJohnPiano
- Link: twitter.com/StJohnPiano

Edgecase GPG Key:
- Name: StJohn Piano
- Username: stjohn_piano
- Type: Main
- KeyID: 2F113FE1E61BD317
- Fingerprint: A69D D24E AB33 10E2 972E 6846 2F11 3FE1 E61B D317
- Link: Public Key Identity Document: StJohn Piano

Edgecase GPG Key:
- Name: StJohn Piano 2
- Username: stjohn_piano_2
- Type: Agent
- Agency delegation contract: Contract 0
- KeyID: F6DC1E61599152AC
- Fingerprint: CF59 A71D AC57 22F6 95C3 A730 F6DC 1E61 5991 52AC
- Link: Public Key Identity Document: StJohn Piano 2

- Username: A name that uniquely maps to a particular identity within a computer-based information storage system.
- Name: A traditional human name. May not be unique.
- Date format: YYYY-MM-DD
- Timezone: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)