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Edgecase Accounts

You must create an Edgecase account in order to:
- pay the subscription fee for Edgecase Datafeed.
or to:
- negotiate an alternative method of payment for the subscription.

A one-time setup fee is required for the creation of an Edgecase account.

Currently, the fee is $100, payable only in Bitcoin.

After you have requested an account, Edgecase will send an email to your specified email address with payment details and instructions within an unspecified time period.

When the payment has been confirmed, Edgecase will send a second email to discuss a subscription to Edgecase Datafeed and the method of payment.

No discussion will occur until after the account creation fee has been paid.

Request an Edgecase Account

Please use the following form to request the creation of an Edgecase account. Please read the notes just below the form before you click "Request access".

PLEASE NOTE: Edgecase accounts are not currently available to the general public. If you already know a representative of Edgecase, please contact them via another channel to request a subscription. If you use the form below without first making an arrangement, your request will not be processed.

Email address:



1) You must be able to receive email messages sent to the email address that you enter. Your email address must not be so unusual that email service providers do not allow their users (e.g. Edgecase) to send email messages to it. Your email address must contain only printable ASCII characters.

2) Some extra satoshi (the smallest unit in the Bitcoin monetary system) may be added to your fee in order to make it uniquely identifiable.

3) The message must be this text string, exactly as shown:
"I understand:
a) that the account creation fee will be an amount in Bitcoin equal to US$100, at an exchange rate chosen by Edgecase using publicly available exchange rate information, plus some extra satoshi that will uniquely identify my payment.
b) that if I do not pay exactly this amount Edgecase will be unable to uniquely identify my payment and will categorise my payment as 'generous donations to Edgecase'.
c) that Edgecase will not, under any circumstances, refund any payment."

You can copy and paste this string directly from this note into the message text area.
The string is enclosed within double quotation marks. These can be included in the message if you wish.

4) If the information that you supply in the form above fails validation, you will be redirected to an error page, where the information will be displayed.

Further Information

If you are concerned about your privacy, you can create a new email address that is unconnected to your current identity, but you must be able to retain access to this email address for the entire duration of your Edgecase account.

For any help or support, you can send an email to the Edgecase email address that was used to send you payment instructions. Edgecase will reply within an unspecified time period. This email must be sent from your specified email address. Please note that Edgecase will be unable to help you with email address changes. If you really need or wish to change your email address, please create a new account.