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In order to comment on an article, you must first create an Edgecase account. Please go to the following page:
How to create an Edgecase account

After you have created an account, Edgecase will contact you to discuss your comment.

Please see the following page for information about comment formatting (bold, italic, etc):
Edgecase comment formatting


Comments on Edgecase are not chat lines. They are more like letters to a journal.

Edgecase prefers to receive high-quality comments. A comment should be interesting, useful, or entertaining. Comments that do not meet this standard will not be published. Edgecase's decision regarding comment quality is final.

If your comment contains good material but is poorly written, Edgecase may offer to restructure / rewrite it. If it is spectacularly poorly written, Edgecase may offer to restructure / rewrite it for a fee.

- Rhetoric for its own sake will usually not be published, unless it is particularly entertaining.
- A comment that corrects a single typo is only slightly useful. A comment that attempts to list and correct all typos in a particular article is much more useful.
- Idle conversation or small talk is usually not interesting, particularly when read some years after initial publication.
- Comments on software (perhaps including example code) are likely to be considered useful.