Author: StJohn Piano
This page is subject to change at any time. It is not signed by its author or by Edgecase Datafeed.

Edgecase operates a credit system in order to charge for access to particular articles and downloadable digital assets published on Edgecase Datafeed. Credits, which never expire, can be bought for bitcoin. Each credit costs 1 satoshi, which is the smallest unit of bitcoin (each bitcoin contains 100 million satoshi). The minimum credit amount that is available for purchase is 100 000 credits, which is 100 000 satoshi or 0.001 BTC.

The price for viewing a paywalled article or downloading a paywalled asset is displayed next to any internal link to any of these articles or assets. If you are following a link to a paywalled item from an external source, you will be notified that that the item is paywalled and asked if you want to continue.

"Remember: things that are paid for grow and develop, things that aren't wither and go away."
~ Mircea Popescu

Please use the following form to request access to the paywalled section of Edgecase Datafeed. Please read the notes just below the form before you click "Request access".


Email address:

Credit amount (in bitcoin):



1) You must be able to receive email messages sent to the email address that you enter. Your email address must not be so unusual that email service providers do not allow their users (e.g. Edgecase) to send email messages to it. Your email address must contain only printable ASCII characters.

2) The bitcoin value entered in the credit amount field must be greater than or equal to 0.001 and contain only characters from this list: . 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

3) The message must be this string, exactly as shown:
"I understand that I will be asked to pay a sum of satoshi equal to the number of credits that I have requested plus some extra satoshi that will uniquely identify my payment. I understand that if I do not pay exactly this amount Edgecase will be unable to uniquely identify my payment and will categorise my payment as 'generous donations to Edgecase'. I understand that Edgecase will not, under any circumstances, refund any payment."
You can copy and paste this string directly from this note into the message text area.
The string is enclosed within double quotation marks. These can be included in the message if you wish.

4) If it is necessary to add extra satoshi to your requested credit amount in order to make it unique within the Edgecase credit system, the equivalent number of extra Edgecase credits will also be added to your balance.

5) If the information that you supply fails validation, you will be redirected to an error page, where the information will be displayed.

Edgecase will send an email to your specified email address with payment instructions within an unspecified time period. When the payment has been confirmed, Edgecase will send you a second email containing a link to a download page for a cookie. This cookie will contain a unique reference number. You may download this cookie on to as many computers as you wish.

As long as you have the cookie, you can use your credits to access the paywalled section of Edgecase Datafeed. You will also be able to access your user account page. Your credit balance will be displayed on your user account page and under the Account section of the Navigation menu. If you delete or lose the cookie on any particular computer, visit the cookie link to download it again.

Keep the link to the cookie download page secret, as it would allow another person to read paywalled articles and/or download paywalled assets at your expense.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you can create a disposable email address, but you must be prepared to maintain this email address for long enough to receive an email containing payment instructions and (once payment has been confirmed) a second email containing the link to your user account page.

For any help or support, you can send an email to the Edgecase email address that was used to send you payment instructions and a link to your cookie download page. Edgecase will reply within an unspecified time period. This email must be sent from your specified email address. Please note that Edgecase will be unable to help you with email address changes. If you really need or wish to change your email address, please create a new account.

The Edgecase credit system and the content of this page were inspired by Mircea Popescu's Trilema credits system (now discontinued) and his article How to process bitcoin payments cheaply and easily.

All paywalled articles and assets can be downloaded for your own use and can be copied or sent to other people as many times as you wish. Edgecase is uninterested in copy protection/prevention schemes of any kind.

Edgecase is however extremely interested in proving original authorship and data integrity. Edgecase may choose to prosecute any information service in any jurisdiction that republishes any content downloaded from Edgecase Datafeed without providing clear acknowledgement of the original source (Edgecase Datafeed) and instructions on how to verify the authorship and integrity of the data. These conditions can satisfied by, for example, including a footnote containing the author name, the datafeed name, the datafeed article ID, a link to the original article and a link to this page:
How to verify an article

Edgecase acknowledges that much of the content published on Edgecase Datafeed is not in fact original but notes that in most of these cases the original author a) is dead, b) has not digitally signed their work, c) has not timestamped their work in the bitcoin blockchain, or d) has not made their digitally-signed, blockchain-timestamped work available on a datafeed. Edgecase defines a datafeed to be an information service that provides access to digitally signed, blockchain-timestamped work along with instructions on how to verify the signatures and timestamps. Edgecase further notes that in all of these cases Edgecase Datafeed provides clear acknowledgement of the original source and, if possible, a hyperlink to it. Sad experience has shown that information on the internet is liable to disappear or be altered without warning, so please note that these hyperlinks may over time become invalid or lead to different content.