[Regarding self-sabotaging behaviour]
There's a lot of responsibility with success, so if you say yes to things and you do a good job and you bear a large burden, then you have to carry it, and a lot of that might be success, but... failure is a lot easier than success, plus you can complain about it and whine about it and be a victim, and garner all sorts of kudos from yourself and others that way, so there's that. It's just failure to adopt responsibility.
But then I would say too: There's also revenge on the Self and God. That's partly why I liked the Cain and Abel story so much, once I figured out what it meant.
People have a hard time not having the kind of contempt that borders on self-hatred for themselves, partly because we are fragile and mortal creatures and prone to error and malevolence, and we know that of ourselves better than anyone else, and because we know that we're prone to punish ourselves and to think ill of ourselves.
~ Jordan Peterson
Published: 2017-06-28
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