The only way you can be protected from the catastrophic transformations of the environment is to be willing to undergo catastrophic transformations in return. You have to be as flexible in your interpretative structures as the environment is in its randomness.
- Jordan Peterson

Do you think humans are capable of that?
- Patrick Doyle

It varies. It varies. We're not infinitely capable of it. You can tell - you can tell that because we die. We fail to keep up with the environment. Its effects on us are deleterious. Now some of us do better at that than others. Some of that's caution, care, attention, hard work - some of it's luck. But no one manages it for more than about 100 years. So it's a losing - in some sense it's a losing game. Then you might think, well, you know, it's hopeless. I don't buy that, because I think there are things you can do during the course of your life that are of sufficient merit to make the game worthwhile.
- Jordan Peterson
Published: 2017-11-15
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