Author: StJohn Piano
Published: 2020-02-02
Datafeed Article 133
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Returns policy: None.

Membership policy: Lifetime.

Foreign policy: Blood for the Blood God.

Trade policy: Biggest hoard is best hoard.

Hiring policy: Discriminatory.

Succession policy: Empire passes to the strongest claimant.

Energy policy: The infinite fires of Hell are a useful source of non-fossil-fuel energy. How best to exploit them?

Retirement policy: None / Glorious death / Conquered estate.

Childcare policy: Free range + tutoring in Mathematics, Latin, and Software Debugging. Child graduates to adult status when it kills an enemy warrior or successfully negotiates a seed funding round.

Pension policy: See Retirement policy.

Religious policy: Various gods are acceptable. Edgecase tends towards a Chaos/Order outlook and follows the Path of Blue and Orange.