Author: StJohn Piano
Published: 2020-07-14
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Ladies and gentlemen, comrades, fellow survivors - greetings.

I hope you are faring well, or, at least, as well as possible under the current circumstances.

The War Continues.

Our hated enemy,

NOTE: Choose one from the following list:
- Coronavirus
- Russia
- Death Itself
- China
- Trump
- Kim Jong-Un
- Racism
- Sexism
- Hate Itself
- Israel
- Anti-Semitism
- The United States
- Freedom
- Fast Food
- Communism
- Fascism
- Anti-Fascism
- Inequality
- Socialism
- Drugs
- Poverty
- Contract Law
- The Human Condition
- God
- Life Itself
- Existence
- (etc.)

is inexplicably still alive and kicking.

After all our efforts!

Such efforts, of course, have not been made without cost. A high cost, but a necessary cost. A cost we have all had to pay. Admittedly, the burden has fallen on some more than others.

I hear that some of you doubt that the cost was really necessary. That you have wondered aloud if High Command has a good plan, or any plan at all.

To you, I say - well, I won't have to say it myself. As soon as the Special Bureau finds out exactly who you are and hauls you off to their cellars, some rather large loudspeakers will say it for me, repeatedly, until you begin to believe it yourself.

Doubters. Wreckers. Traitors.

To the rest of you: I can assure you that High Command has considered all the available courses of action, and that the one we are pursuing is the best possible choice. [0]

The War Continues.

To achieve Utopia, sacrifices must be made. Do not dwell on the pain, the struggle, the blood, toil, tears, and sweat! Focus your minds instead on our single goal, Heaven on Earth, a new world forged from the ashes of the old! Where every tear will be wiped away, and pain a distant memory!

The War Continues.

First, of course, the War Must Be Won. The enemy must be eradicated. Salt the earth, etc, etc.

Further sacrifices will be needed. I am sorry to say that this year's taxes will be higher, and the housing ration will be lower. This is a temporary measure.

The Dream Department is working overtime to supply only the very best electronic dreams to smooth over this temporary downturn. Rest assured, even if this world is somewhat lacking at the moment, we will be able to enjoy very entertaining virtual substitutes, for the duration.

The War Continues.

At this crucial point, we cannot afford any disloyalty. Any distraction from the war effort could prove fatal. Watch each other carefully, and report any signs of doubt or hesitation to your nearest Loyalty Officer.

Thank you all for your patience and dedication. It will be rewarded in the world to come.

Comrades, I salute you!

The War Continues.

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After this talk, I'd like to introduce you all to my good friend Pangloss.

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