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It's going to take me some time to develop a proper tool for validating and signing an article. The core work is done, but there's a quite a way to go still.

In the meantime, this is the current procedure for publishing an article:

1) Write an article.

2) Send me the article. I edit it if necessary to pass various checks / standards / rules and format it until it displays properly as a draft page.

Note: There may be multiple rounds of editing, and perhaps rewriting, depending on the subject material. E.g. code may require testing and more detailed explanations. The goal is to publish high-quality reference points, no matter how expensive this turns out to be for the participants.

3) I send you the edited copy and a link to the draft page.

4) Signing an article is optional. You can stop here if you like, and I will publish the unsigned article. If you want to sign your articles, you will first need to publish a public key ownership article.

5) You sign the final version using the process in How to sign an article.

This relies on GPG 1.4.x. With some experimentation, you will probably be able to use GPG 2.x, but I haven't done this myself.

6) You send me the signed article.

7) I publish the signed article.